Will digital magazines become a succes?

The print industry does have a hard time surviving dropping circulation, decreasing number of advertising as digital media is gaining marketshare.

The tablets seemed to be a good alternative for the print magazines. However so far consumers are not adopting these digital magazines. As penetration of tablets is exploding most digital magazine circulation do not come above the 2-3 percent of their (dropping) print circulation. Nevertheless the so called succes stories of Hearst the digital magazine can not be called a succes so far. Eve when consumers do get their digital magazine for free, the hardly open it.

Surprising? Not really! When you compare a digital magazine with the “new”digital media you have to admitt that the digital media are in favour: offering video, sound, interactivity in a format which suits the media type best. Not trying to bring an old media tyoe on a new device. Every device has his own characteristics meeting the needs of consumers best.



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  • 28th january 2014
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