free DSLR Live streaming video on YouTube and Mac

It has been a very long journey but finaly it worked! Surfing the web I saw several examples of  high quality live streaming with a DSLR.

However it was very hard to find a document with all the settings you need. And I can tell you, it is not that easy!!

But here it is and it worked!!!

Settings (Youtube) Live stream, Nikon D4, Blackmagic Design Intensity Shuttle Thunderbolt, Atomos Ninja2, Macbookpro, Adobe FlashMediaEncoder

What (hardware) do you need?

DSLR like Nikon D4
Atomos Ninja2 or HDMI handshake emulator (It does not work without these as Nikon HDMI out is not a so called clean HDMI signal)
Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle
Thunderbolt cable
mini HDMI => HDMI
regular HDMI cable
(Wireless) internet connection


Download free Adobe Flash Media Encoder and install it on your  Mac
Install Software BlackMagic MediaExpress on your Mac as it includes the drivers for Blackmagic Intensity box as well

(Check if it is installed correctly, as it should appear in your mac settings screen as well)

Connections to be made

Mini HDMI from Nikon D4 to input HDMI Atomos Ninja 2

Output Atomos Ninja2  HDMI to Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle HDMI input

Thunderbolt  out Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle to Thunderbolt input Macbook

Nikon D4 settings

 Shooting Menu

 Live image => Stil

Setup Menu

HDMI => output resolution  = 1080i

ADVANCED => output range = Limit

Output display size = 100%

Live view on screen display = OFF (means that camera settings are not in image overlay)

Start recording by pushing LV on the back of the camera while camera is in video mode , you can see recording on LCD screen. Note this can not be switched off!!

Custom settings menu

C.Timers/AE Lock => C4 Monitor OFF delay => Live View  => No Limit

Adobe Flash Media Encoder settings

Left side  Encoding options tab

Preset = Custom or set desired bandwidth

Encoding = Blackmagic HD 1080i 59.94 8 bits (10 bits)

Format = H.264  “key” menu: Profile = Main, Level = 4.0, Keyframerate = 1

Framerate = 29,97

Inputsize = 1280 x 720 checkbox on: Maintain aspect ratio


1 checkbox on : 4500 KBS outputsize 1920 x 1080

(Sometimes Youtube advise settings, but not always correct)

Crop, Deinterlace,  Timecode unchecked

Youtube settings

Login, adding your own live feed

at right upper corner  beside UPLOADEN you see settings “wheel”, click on it to go to video settings

Menu LEFT SIDE  you can see channel settings, click on functions, green dotted list appears. Go to  LIVE EVENTS at bottom. Activate it if not green dotted already. NOTE it can take up to 2 days when this is accepted by YouTube.

Go back to video settings and select LIVE EVENTS, select NEW LIVE EVENT

Fill in  tab BASIC SETTINGS and if you wish ADVANCED SETTINGS and select MAKE EVENT

Select in next screen image for your event


ADJUSTED SETTINGS, MAKE NEW STREAM, fill in description and make new NIKON D4  Blackmagic 1080i 50p bandwidth 3000-6000 kbs. profile

If this is not working select:  Blackmagic 1080i 59.94 proberen

SAVE => Event is saved

Encoder selection: select: FLASH MEDIA LIVE ENCODER (FMLE) and follow ALL onscreen instructions

IMPORTANT!! Download  Youtube, profile,  restart  FMLE on Mac , check if settings are still according this manual. select in upper menu bar FILE => open and select primary file you just downloaded . At right side of  FMLE panel you can now see at FMS URL youtube settings en STREAM settings.

Click on CONNECT at Livestreaming at STREAM section

Turn on Nikon D4 in VIDEO LV mode, turn on Atomos NINJA2,

Start Adobe FMLE and check if your input and output screens are OK

Click on green START button in your Adobe FMLE software on your Mac

Visit your  Youtube chanel(check if you are stil logged on)

Head to  VIDEO SETTINGS (see above) Click on  Live events left side of the menu

Click on LIVE CONTROL ROOM beside live event name you want to start

Click on big blue button  EXAMPLE (NOTE do NOT check the box Synchronize screen unless you know what you are doing!!)

You can adjust camera settings in middle of upper menu bar


And here you are!! If not working try to adjust the settings in camera profile at You Tube as this is most likely the cause