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Mellow Yellow in e-learning development

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Mellow Yellow is developing an arethmic game to learn youngsters arethmics at the so called Dutch 2F level. The game is developed in close association with MBO schools in the Netherlands and will be launched in Beta this summer.

Screenshot 2014-05-21 22.10.06


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The new World Champion Footbal Gossip website run by the Dutch artis Gordon is produced by Mellow Yellow. Monday the 19th of May the website was launched. From the beginning it was a very succesfull website with fully integrated social media platforms on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and YoutubeScreenshot 2014-05-20 08.34.43

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New App Lets You Watch TV Program Anywhere

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Business Insider published today an article about a new app that lets you watch any program you like anywhere in the world!. It might look like a silly article but untill now it was very hard mostly due to copyright issues. Hola is an app that provides users to watch the winter olympics 2014 but also well known series. read the full article at:

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Can Facebook Predict Who Wins the Senate in 2014?

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What can Facebook likes and page engagement metrics tell us about the outcome of 2014 Senate races? Based on the 2012 results and the 2013 New Jersey Senate campaign are any guide, the answer is a whole lot. More and more facebook likes and the analytics on it give a good impression of what will happen during coming election. They might be even influence the elections more and more. However in most countries we still can not vote via the internet. Which is a real shame according to me. Want to read the whole article click the link below

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Ebay biggest retail site in the Netherlands in 2013

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According to a Comscore survey, published in december 2013 , Ebay is the number 1 visited retail site in the Netherlands with 6,6 million unique visitors a month. The runner up is with 4,8 million unique visitors a month. Number 3 is network with over 3,4 million unique visitors.

Zalando took the 8th position getting 1,9 million visitors a month.  E-commerce is growing fast in the Netherlands. Last year almost 80% of the Dutch population bought goods via the internet on a regular basis.


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